Workshop for Members

Workshop for Members

at Khalapur:

Mr. Brijmohan Sharma expressed his willingness to felicate the newly elected Chairman Shri. Rajendrakumar D. Sharma with all directors. Taking in consideration to educate the drivers & transporters workshop was arranged for the truck owners have been struggling, literally, to make ends meet. In order to guide the truck owners and keep them abreast with the current happening, Maharashtra Truck Owners Association (MTOA) organized an educational workshop for its members.

MTOA’s new Directors had taken office and within a short period they sprung into action and have started activities for their members. Taking the opportunity to appreciate the involvement of the new team led by Mr. Rajendra Sharma, Mr. Brijmohan Sharma of Sharma Heavy Lifters felicitated the new Directors of MTOA. For this purpose the function was organized at Mounteria Resort, Khalapur, District Raigad on 05.05.2013

A lot of thought was put into selecting the speakers and the same was finalized by MTOA Team and Mr. Girish Mirchandani (Editor – Transtopics). In his opening comments Mr. Girish Mirchandani spoke about the importance of education and how the lack of knowledge of rules & laws was proving to be a stumbling block for the industry.

The following 4 expert speakers dwelled upon in their presentation:.

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Shri. Prasanna Patwardhan, Vice President- Mahasangh :

Shri. Prasanna impressed upon the fact that the Transport industry had always fought hard to get the operational expenses lowered, but they had never taken up with the government seriously in providing necessary infrastructure for the industry. He said that the government was very excited to build road, expressways, and highways and base them on the model of PPP thus allowing private contractors to collect toll. He further added that there was a need to have dedicated and secured parking lots for trucks across the country. He insisted that the same should be part of town planning. Prasanna came down heavily on the officials for pulling up trucks for parking illegally while offloading goods. Prasanna urged the industry to unite and instead of always demanding reduction in diesel and toll rates, start demanding better infrastructure and other facilities.

Shri. Sharad Jichckar, RTO Panvel :

Shri. Sharad Jichckar spoke about the rules & laws pertaining to the Transport Industry. However Sharad was of the opinion that transporters have to understand their business well and approach the government accordingly with their demands. He agreed with Prasanna that the transporters demands were mostly related to operational expenses and not to the infrastructure or other working factors. He also cleared up a few questions of the transporters in connection with Professional Tax. Sharad said that if the truck was registered in the name of the company, only the professional Tax payment of the company was required and not of the Directors.

Shri. Sanjay Sasane, Dy. RTO Dhule :

Shri. Sanjay spoke about the YCMOU's courses that the institute had to offer. He said this was a government recognized course and was aimed at all segments of the industry. He said that 1st semester was equivalent to passing standard XII and the complete course of 3 semesters was equivalent to graduation. In fact a few Directors have already enrolled for the course and have completed their 1st semester. Sanjay said that there were instances where transporters knew people who wanted to take up truck driving as a profession, but could not apply for a license since they were not 8th pass. He said that these people could do the 1st semester and then apply for a license. One of the transporters said that he was ready to sponsor fees for students who were keen to do this course but did not have the finances.

Shri. Vinayak Joshi, Trainer- Road Safety:

He started his presentation with video clips showing some of the most disastrous accidents on Indian roads. He requested the audience to keep their cool while driving and make sure that reach their destination safely. He also asked the audience to convey this message to their drivers. Vinayak cited numerous examples wherein the shockingly careless driving had resulted in people losing their lives and many ending up getting injured. He further added that people while driving should focus on driving alone and stay away from other distractions-like talking on the cell phone, drinking water, etc. Talking on the operations in the transport business, Vinayak said that it was important for the transporters to know their business well –which also included knowing all the relevant rules & laws.

The day ended with more felicitations as MTOA felicitated members who were closely associated with MTOA and had contributed to the same in some way or the other. At the end of the day everyone was very pleased with the workshop. Special mention needs to be made of Shri. Dayanand Natkar, Gen. Secretary of MTOA who put in a lot of hard work in making sure that the program was successful.

Harassment of all over in Maharashtra :

Many owners and drivers complained about harassment by Highway Police / Traffic Police / RTO at Akola, Amravati, Aurangabad, Badnera, Jalgaon, Nashik, Usmanabad, Nanded, Chalisgaon, Etc. whenever the drivers or the owners complained about such harassment, Directors & staff of MTOA got their vehicles released on the telephone.

Eicher VE Commercial Vehicles Limited & Fortpoint Automotive Pvt. Ltd. organize a new technology vehicle promotion program at the Hotel Grand, Ballard Estate Mumbai :

Eicher VE Commercial Vehicles Limited & Fortpoint Automotive Pvt. Ltd. organizes this function, which was well attended by all Associations & Transporter of Mumbai at conference Hall Hotel Grand, Ballard Estate on 23.10.2013 at 7.00 pm. It was a grand success.

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Honored special guest to the MTOA Directors, Special Invities & other Transporter by Eicher VE Commercial Vehicles Limited & Fortpoint Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Pramod Agarwal, Owner of Shri Krishna Motors & Mr. Jayant Pagare, Manager of Fort Point Automotive honored following by offering a bouquet for their participation to the “Customer Meet”.

Name Designation
Shri. Rajendra Kumar D. Sharma Chairman
Shri. Dayanand P. Natkar Gen. Secretary
Shri. Umesh P. Chalke Treasurer
Shri. Kishor A. Andhale Director
Shri. Parshuram P Katke Director
Shri. Suboth V. Thakre Director
Shri. Lalsaheb H. Tiwari Director
Shri. Arun R. Korde Director
Shri. Paramjit Singh Pannu Director
Shri. Rajbeer Special Invitee
Shri. Suresh Sharma Special Invitee
Shri. Jagdish K. Navani Special Invitee

In addition more than 100 members & fleet operators were attended same promotion campaign, and helped to educate Transport Industry.
Following Eicher VE Commercial Vehicles Limited & Fortpoint Automotive Pvt. Ltd. team was presented :

  • Shri. Shailendra Kamble
  • Shri. Arun Mehata
  • Shri. Gaurav Purwar
  • Shri. Devesh Sharma
  • Shri. Anand Jadhav

  • Authorised Redium Tape Centre

    Heavy vehicles in the state such as trucks, tractors, trailers, taxis and buses have new retro reflective tapes on their bodies to ensure long-distance visibility and high standard reflectivity.

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    The radiance of these reflective tapes with a layer of radium can be viewed from a distance of one kilometre even in dusty conditions. They would take in the vehicles visible and help reduce accidents, particularly at night. Such tapes would even provide added protection on the highway. These tapes will be made mandatory for all transport vehicles. This tape cost will have to be borne by the vehicle owners. The new standard tapes were made mandatory for all transport vehicles as per the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. While states such as Maharashtra, Kerala and Gujarat have already implemented it.

    Our Association has introduced authorized reflective tape centre at RTO Panvel, same is managed by Mr. Parmjit Singh Pannu, Director of MTOA. The same campaign is done by us for the benefit of members as well as Transport Industry.

    Board of Directors is requested to all members to come forward to benefit of Transport industry and help to reduce accident. This Authorized Centre inauguration function had been held on 24.09.2013 at RTO Panvel, and following Directors were participated.